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Healthy gums are not only the best protection against periodontal disease, but also the framework of your smile. The supporting structures of your teeth are known as the periodontium and include the bone and tissues surrounding your teeth. They play a critical role in providing stability to your teeth.

The best way to assure continued good periodontal health is to diligently brush and floss (or Waterpik) your teeth as part of your daily hygiene routine. In addition, regular dental visits, tailored to your personal periodontal needs, are invaluable in preserving the health of the periodontium. Bacteria that are normally present in every mouth can, if left undisturbed, colonize tooth surfaces and result in the formation of plaque (soft deposits) and calculus or tartar (hard deposits). The role of the dental hygiene visit is to eliminate the hard deposits that you cannot remove, to help identify areas of concern regarding your teeth and gums, and to help you develop the proper dental care techniques that will work to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.